Interviewing, Selection and Retention

RA Koerner & Company utilizes its proprietary Check-it-out behavioral-based interviewing and selection program to source, interview and fill leadership and technical specialist positions across many industries and business sectors. Additionally, we can provide training to hiring managers and teams to build their interviewing and selection skills to make better hiring decisions.

For those skilled in this proven approach, we offer advanced training in developing robust interview questions, which provide greater insight into the candidate's competencies, motivation and fit. 


Human Resources Outsourcing

RA Koerner & Company provides outsourced human resource services to organizations that need the expertise of a top-level human resources executive, yet do not have the budget to hire an in-house leader with broad experience and human resources proficiency.

Organizations consider the merits of outsourcing human resources to either standardize HR processes or help leadership and line managers focus on vital strategic initiatives.

Key areas include:

  • attracting, retaining and growing talent
  • leading and supporting development of succession plans
  • supporting core capabilities
  • working through and supporting organizational change
  • development of corporate, human resource and employee policies and procedures

We also provide interim human resource services to organizations when they are searching to hire their next human resources leader.

Organization Network Analysis

Successful managers often develop and foster healthy formal systems and processes - organization charts, position descriptions, policies and procedures, standard operating procedures, succession plans, exit interviews, etc. Yet, an over-reliance upon these traditional formal systems might prove insufficient when making key business decisions today. What goes on behind the scenes and takes place in the organization’s social network relationships, might reveal how things really get done, who communicates with whom, and who people trust most.

By developing a few simple questions that can be asked of your targeted group(s), RA Koerner & Company can map the social connections to identify and exhibit the various networks. 

What are some typical applications for organization network analysis? 

1) Before making decisions regarding business reorganization; 2) When seeking to uncover reasons for failed strategic objectives; 3) When managing projects; and 4) Determining reasons for poor performance in ad hoc teams. Thus, it might be prudent to look at the people relationships, flows and exchanges. We just might be surprised to learn that how we thought things get accomplished in the organization is very different than how things really get done.

RA Koerner & Company is trained and licensed to use InFlow software, which provides network analysis and network visualization in one integrated product. Just imagine the information and value you will obtain from an interactive view of your organization.


Total Rewards Management and Analysis

We perform compensation analyses for companies using available public information such as Department of Labor or Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data, or private information such as Industry or professional association wage data. We can develop and customize compensation and benefit surveys that respect confidentiality, and are reliable and valid. RA Koerner & Company has analyzed data to gauge internal equity and external equity. We have taught evolving compensation and human resource practitioners how to perform such analyses, and have provided customized spreadsheets and templates. All in all, organizations benefit from receiving timely and specific information/recommendations for planning and compensation purposes.


Leadership and Workplace Assessments

RA Koerner & Company utilizes select leadership, multi-rater and self assessments for various organizational, leadership and professional development purposes. These assessments and follow-up consultation have improved organizational and leadership effectiveness.


Performance Management

Successfully audited the performance management and disciplinary policies and practices of a major western New York human services organization. Worked with the management team and inside legal counsel to revise the performance management and discipline policies and system. Conducted management training.


Leadership and Employee Development

Facilitated education in leadership, board development, networking and relationship building, customer service, communication, behavioral-based interviewing skills, corporate and personal ethics, and supervisory skills for leaders and workers in many diverse for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.


Executive and Management Coaching

We provide both corporate-sponsored executive coaching and individual career management services to board members, leaders, executives, managers and professionals at all levels.   We listen to your needs and goals and strive to help you achieve your expectations by establishing a foundation and seeking clarity in: 

 1) Skills/interests that elicit joy and success

 2) People relations and development          

 3) Awareness of self and others                      

4) Sustainability                                              

5) Making your mark/leaving a legacy

Organization Development

Facilitate and lead discussion on matters of organization structure, communication, quality of service and management effectiveness at a leading organization renowned for education and personal enrichment.  Provided trusted and reliable input that helped the Board and management make various strategic and organizational decisions that are still in place today.


Employee Relations

Let RA Koerner & Company help mediate and resolve employee relations issues. 

Skilled at getting to the root cause(es) of the problem, we have mitigated workplace tension, and fostered increased understanding of expectations and mutual needs.


Policies and Procedures

RA Koerner & Company has written many policies and procedures and employee handbooks for diverse industries and functional teams.


Employee Opinion Surveys

Developed and administered a customized employee opinion survey for an area manufacturing company; presented the results to management, facilitated employee meetings and action planning.

Labor Negotiations & Contract Administration

Represented management serving as the lead negotiator in several labor negotiations with leading national/upstate New York healthcare unions. Together as a team, achieved successful negotiations and averted potentially disastrous situations.

We have rendered decisions on hundreds of union grievances, often avoiding mediation or arbitration. And, when going to arbitration winning over 80%.


Keynote Speaker

We are qualified to speak about select topics that might be of interest to you in improving workplace effectiveness, employee engagement and productivity.